Even though it is claimed to be an environmentally friendly building concept as well as good for the continuation of the earth in the future, in fact, many developers are reluctant to apply the green building concept to their buildings. Even though in terms of usability, the green building concept is superior to ordinary buildings. From the operational side it is also cheaper.

But why don’t all developers build green building concepts? Of course there are a number of reasons. Well, SpaceStock has summarized the various reasons in this following review which are also the weak points of green building concept buildings:

  1. Large Initial Capital
    This is the biggest and main reason that makes developers reluctant to apply the green building concept. The high initial capital to build this concept building is due to various things, such as environmentally friendly materials which are difficult to find and the price tends to be expensive.In addition, the developer also thinks about the risks that might occur behind the development of a building with a green building concept. These risks include the decline in market prices for green building concept buildings amidst the presence of the smart building concept. Of course the benefits will be smaller if this happens.This dilemma is faced by developers regarding the difficulty of carrying out the construction of the green building concept.
  2. Availability of the Right Location
    Another problem that becomes the reason is the availability of the right building location. By carrying out the concept of being environmentally friendly, building locations should be in an environmentally friendly environment. This location is a problem for developers, especially if buildings are to be built in urban areas.Difficulty finding the right location is also the cause of the increase in initial capital, a strategic location certainly requires high costs. In addition, the type of land at the location is also a consideration because the construction techniques used will differ depending on existing land conditions.
  3. Time Limited
    Apart from the two problems above, there are other problems which are strong reasons for developers reluctant to build buildings with the green building concept. Environmentally friendly materials that are difficult to find are the cause of the construction being carried out to be delayed and not as expected. Environmentally friendly materials are mandatory things that need to be fulfilled for a green building concept building.Developers often prefer not to apply the green building concept because development deadlines are difficult to ascertain. In addition to difficult materials, problems with the right location also make development deadlines not in line with expectations.
  4. Lack of understanding
    Another factor that is the reason for the lack of buildings applying the green building concept is a lack of understanding from both the developer and the community. There are still many developers themselves who do not understand well the benefits that will be obtained in the future by applying the green building concept.Likewise with people who are still not sensitive to environmental problems. For example, there are still many people who choose housing such as apartments that do not apply the green building concept because the price is relatively cheaper. Indirectly, the green building concept becomes difficult to develop.
  5. Lack of Skills
    The lack of experts is also an obstacle to the implementation of the green building concept in buildings. Building construction that applies the green building concept has its own level of difficulty when compared to ordinary buildings in the construction process. Both in terms of design, models, engineering and other things have more complex calculations than building buildings in general.The use of existing materials also requires workers to have different skills compared to ordinary building construction skills. That is why the application of the green building concept is difficult to develop because of the various constraints encountered both in terms of cost and development.
  6. Complex Planning
    Planning in the building construction process with a green building concept requires the role of all parties in an integrated manner throughout the planning process. For this reason, each component must become an integrated unit, so that errors in one component can have an impact on other building elements.According to one respondent, building construction planning with the concept of ordinary green building is no simpler than building construction planning in general. This complicated planning is a big obstacle for developers when choosing to apply the green building concept to their buildings.
  7. Market Demand
    The reason for the developer choosing not to apply the green building concept can also be influenced by market demand. If the market demand for green building concepts is low, it is certain that developers will be more oriented towards developing properties that are easy to design and easy to sell.If market demand is high, it is certain that the developer will consider all the risks involved with the benefits obtained. Therefore, the lack of application of the green building concept itself depends not only on the developer but also on market demand.
  8. Availability of Building Materials
    The materials used in buildings with the green building concept are different from the materials used in ordinary buildings. Usually the language has a higher price.Even if there are cheaper ones, in general, special skills are needed to arrange them into finished buildings. Even though the experts who can do it are still very rare. Therefore, it is not wrong if the developer prefers to play it safe.

Those are some strong reasons that become obstacles to the creation of a green building concept. We can conclude that the development process with the green building concept cannot be said easy. There are various factors that need to be considered as mentioned above. Although indeed, the sustainability of the building will run very easily, it still requires a large amount of money at the beginning. But the impact of a clean and healthy environment, we also enjoy it, right? (LITA LIA – Space Stock)